5Dimes Casino could introduce new financial instruments this year

When asked what they expect from an online casino, many prospective customers are claiming that 5dimes-poker-bonus_1397339007the most important thing is a healthy welcome bonus.

5Dimes Casino is known for paying attention to the needs and expectations of all its customers as well as those who contemplate the possibility of signing up for real money account.

The number of people who seem to care about the quality and reliability of the financial instruments provided by the online casinos is also on the rise.

Almost as many are hoping for a comprehensive selection of games, because in the long run this is what keeps them going.

That’s why, it already offers some of the most convenient ways of cashing out profits and all their deposits are performed instantly. There are not going to charge any fees and there are no hidden commissions to worry about, so whenever you make a deposit or withdrawal, they won’t charge you anything.


The good news continues and in 2016 5Dimes Casino is going to expand its list of financial instruments by adding a couple of new payment methods. Since they are doing their very best to expand to Asian countries, they need to pay attention to the expectations of local customers.

They are familiar with the major credit cards companies as well as the electronic wallets, but would also appreciate the convenience of depositing using a local instrument.
5Dimes Casino pledges that in 2015, it really introduced exactly these types of innovative payment services that Asian customers are already using.

SafeCharge International is going to be their partner and their performance so far has been outstanding, with a flawless track record over the last decade. They will have the online casino integrate the payment services and also make sure that players will be able to deposit and withdraw money using their mobile devices.

The importance of making casino games mobile friendly is well understood by all existing operators, but some are not paying enough attention to the payment methods. 5Dimes Casino undertook some research and realize that the changes are necessary, so they will pursue with the expansion of the payment services to capitalize on the flow of global e-commerce.

SafeCharge is exactly the partner they need to provide the insight and also the innovation that will make their financial instruments more effective.
In 2015, SafeCharge help out numerous other online casinos and it is known for its uncanny ability to deliver customized solutions.

Not all gambling operators have the same expectations and there also pursuing different avenues when introducing additional payment methods. 5Dimes Casino is just as concerned about the convenience of deposits and withdrawals and the safety of all these financial transactions.

Their customers never had a reason to complain about the waiting time on these operations and their funds always reached them on time and in full.